Can server owners turn off DM’s for the entire server?

If so how do I do that? I wanna turn off that off for my server as people have been getting weird messages and my server is public. Anyways is it possible? I know you can do it manually for yourself but not sure for the entire server?

If this is not possible I would like to make a feature request.

Edit I don’t want people in my server DM’ing each other that’s what I’m asking if it’s possible to turn off the DM feature for everyone so they don’t dm each other unless they’re friends

Asked By: 420wanderlust

Answer #1:

There is no feature, which allows you to disable dm for every member.

Answered By: raspdevpy

Answer #2:

No, it’s not possible and it shouldn’t be. DM’s are activity independent of your server. Each individual can change their own settings, by choice, to circumvent this. You can also set a rule in your server against unsolicited DM’s and ban anyone who does it anyway. I run a NSFW server and run into this all the time. It’s up to each individual to manage their own user settings and report when someone is breaking the rules so we can get rid of the offenders.

Answered By: Femme_Royale

Answer #3:

You can turn it off yourself. If on mobile , go to the three button next to your name of server. Scroll down, turn off the allow direct messages from server members.

Answered By: Imperial_Hexer