What is a Discord ID?

I was wondering what a discord ID is. I know I kinda sound like I’m pretty old right now, but I’m genuinely curious. I was wondering if people can do malicious things with your ID and all the things that it can be used for.

Asked By: exri183

Answer #1:

Your Discord ID is when you enable Developer Mode (In User Settings > Advanced) and right click any user, or yourself, and click “Copy ID”. For example, my Discord tag is (Proto464#3079 – I don’t really accept random friend requests fyi) and my Discord ID is (449710278012174346).

Your ID can be used for a few things, but none of them are malicious. Just as the title ID suggests, it’s an Identifier for your account. Basically it’s like your tag, except more easily manageable. Channels, roles, and even servers also have their own IDs.

Another use for IDs is via reports to Discord Support to prove what’s being reported, as Discord will not accept screenshots alone due to them being very easily faked. Messages have their own IDs as well! You can right click a user’s message and click “Copy Message Link” for a quick link to that message if it were to be buried or something. Message/channel ID links are also Discord Support’s primary way of verifying reported users and material.

You can mainly use IDs for stuff like this:

Someone is that person with special font / text in their username that aren’t regular keyboard letters (Standard ASCII characters), or their name is full of emojis, or some Japanese/Russian/Chinese/Korean font that you can’t type.

You can enable Developer Mode, right click their name, and click “Copy ID” – then, when pasting (with right click or Ctrl + V), you can paste and use it to @ mention them, or use it in bot commands (such as MEE6’s ban command, where you can pre-ban folks that haven’t joined your server previously but you don’t want joining ever)

There are also multiple types of IDs you can @ mention, individual users are just one of them:

<@449710278012174346> – Mentions a User ID, in other words, pings them.

<#Channel ID> – Right clicking a text or voice channel, you can copy IDs in the same way, meaning you don’t have to type #really-long-channel-name-no-one-should-use and instead you can just copy and paste the ID of that channel you want to refer to.

<@&Role ID> – Something I literally just learned about a few days ago after having used Discord for 4 years (had an older account that I stopped using as I used my current one more) – basically, right click a role to Copy ID and you can @ mention that role with <@&Role ID>. I never knew this was a thing, and it would have been quite useful if I did previously, haha

So yeah, there’s my ID guide for anyone wondering about them! :>

Answered By: prototype464

Answer #2:

it’s a number that you can use to identify someone. unlike usernames and tags, it doesn’t change. it’s basically just a replacement to usernames that computers can understand, no harm can come from it

Answered By: filistatas

Answer #3:

Here is a simple explanation. A discord id is supposed to identify you. in almost every online account you have. you have an ID. Thats what it is.

Answered By: ACguy_E

Answer #4:

For your second question, no nothing bad can happen if someone has your id, completely fine and public info.

Answered By: ElianReddit