Someone on Discord found my IP address. What should I do?

Answer #1:

For the people in the answers – Yes it could be used for malicious activity and EVERYBODY cares. If someone has your IP adress the could DDOS you, which means they will slow down your network ot completely stop it. This could countinue as long as the attacker wants. So here are few things you can do:

  1. If you have a dynamic IP adress, you should unplug your router and wait about 30 minutes then plug it back in and your IP should be different. You could do the same thru the router settings but it’s more complex.
  2. If you have a static IP adress that doesn’t change, you should contact your ISP network provider and request an IP change. You could try changing your IP mode to ‘dynamic’ from your router settings, which you can access by searchig on google the router model.If you don’t know what type of router you have you can look in the settings or ask your network provider. If after resetting the IP is different – you have dynamic network.

    Finally, after your ip has changed nobody could do anything with the old one.

Answered By: Cros Frame

Answer #2:

You’re completely fine for 2 reasons

  1. They can’t do anything but mess with you’re internet
  2. You’ll be ok if they’re sending threats like I’m going beat your ass irl ur alright because they wont do anything trust me this is coming from a guy who use to say stuff like that
Answered By: Unit

Answer #3:

If you think they really find your ip, use a trusted and secure vpn an choose a specific country.

Answered By: Calvin B. Tanuri

Answer #4:

Your Public IP address is interpreted by your router and converted into a private IP address such as

However, routers allows outbound request in a stateful manner. It means if a packet flows out to a destination, inbound responses are allowed.

When unsolicited inbound traffic hit your router, it does not know to which device it’s intented if you don’t setup an internal server destination for all or soecific TCP and UDP ports. That’s what routers do. Whithout instructions, your router can’t tell if traffic originating from the Internet shall be routed to your laptop, your cell phone, your TV or your thermostat.
Not all routers supports the festure of programming an internal server. But if it does, these settings disabled by default.

This is a long explanation to said that if someone tells you its IP address, it’s very unlikely his router will route this traffic to any device.

Lets look at Teamviewer. This service allows someone to take control of your computer without any special router programming. Each end user must connect into Teamviewer service which provide a unique adress and password. Once registered, Teamviewer bridges both outbound traffic from each end. Notice how the service initiated first by both users. The same might be done with a virus or a web site. A virus is a program. It can launch outbound sessions to any destination. A web site you access might upload a java script which can start another outbound session. This illustrates that anything happening on your computer starts with the user. It never cones from the web.

Good anti-virus software can help monitor traffic in the firewall section. It can block, allow once upon your confirmation, allways allow.

Have fun.

Answered By: Denis Munger

Answer #5:

Some existing answers here are very misleading and contain false information. Particularly the ones that say no one can get IP information in discord. No offense, you are a n00b and you have absolutely zero clues what you’re talking about.

Yes, someone in Discord can easily get your IP or specifically, your current leased public IP from your ISP. They will be able to track your location and possibly run exploits “IF” there are vulnerabilities.

What can you do? Secure your network. Setup security measures in place like:

  1. Review your modem/router documentation, make sure its using an up-to-date firmware and research if there are existing vulnerabilities.
  2. Block malicious DNS domains from your router. If you don’t know how to do that then F. Second option (less secure option but adds a layer of security anyway) is to use public DNS resolvers that block malware like or Use DoT.
  3. Antivirus and upgrade your OS. Look for patch notes, watch out for CVEs or known vulnerabilities.
  4. Use VPN If possible and if applicable implement it at router level.
  5. It’s very difficult to explain how to harden or secure your network to newbies.
Answered By: Lone Sojourner

Answer #6:

Don’t worry about it. If you can’t stop… force an update on your IP. Look at the router. Call your ISP… but really… don’t worry about it.

Answered By: Max Jones

Answer #7:

No, they didn’t.

They’re fear mongering. They’re relying on your lack of tech nous in the hopes you’ll fall for a scam. They’re blackmailing you, essentially. “If you don’t give me blah blah blah, I’ll leak all your nakey pics”.

Just ignore them if you don’t have the confidence to deal with them. If you do have the confidence to deal with them, lead them on, tell them you know what they’re trying to do and when they inevitably get angry and start trolling, out-troll them.

I had a case like this just yesterday, which I’ll talk about in my personal space, but as a disclaimer, this gets pretty rough, so if you’re a bit sensitive to certain language, I’d not give it a look.

Answered By: Unspecified

Answer #8:

Here i can help you

They dont have your IP. The only way you could grab it is by going into a call. using a application to grab the ip. But the application is really horrible and you need to let it always be on. which can get annoying. No one would take the effort to Clear so much space to grab 1 persons ip. And even if they had it. just plug the router out for 5 – 10 mins then back in

Answered By: GD HyperLeo

Answer #9:

They didn’t find it. IP addresses aren’t hidden. They are public. They have to be public in order for the network to work. People who say “I have your IP address.” are relying on your ignorance to frighten you. Discord is a P2P network*. Of course they have your IP address. And you have theirs. Nobody cares.

What should you do? Stop being frightened and tell them to fuck off.

Edit: As has been pointed out, Discord is not p2p but that matters not a bit.

Answer #10:

Anyone can find your IP address if they can be bothered. It is entirely meaningless, and part of how the internet works. Its your temporary ‘address’ allocated by your isp so that you can interact with the internet. If you switch your kit of for a few minutes, your isp gives you a new one from the pool it owns.

Answered By: Ron Hollis

Answer #11:

Well dude, we have the same problem, a guy name fp1y on Discord just tracked my ip address and I am having thoughts about deleting it, but my ip address was a fake one. But you however, your account was Compromised. I suggest you delete your Discord account and make one again.

(I’m gonna remove this pinned answer in my Profile page)

Answered By: G4BBR13L

Answer #12:

Report them to discord and don’t worry about it. Hackers like that will use that to threaten you as well as many other users, but they will never have the means to get to you or do anything with it.

Answered By: FlickShot Games