How do you use the Discord app?

Answer #1:

Discord, in short, is a platform where there are servers for various activities and games that you can join and essentially become a part of. You can talk to your friends like you would over normal texts, be part of those servers (which are, again, in short, group chats). Go and explore it for yourself!

Answered By: Cephyr

Answer #2:

Discord is an American VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers.”
Thats the description, a place to chat with ur friends :3 Make an account and start :3

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Answer #3:

Discord is a chat service, you join the site on discord-com and chat with other discord users and join channels

Answered By: Alexander Lehmann

Answer #4:

Discord is community focused, meaning someone can create a server designed around text and voice channels, programmed chatbots, webhooks, integrations to social media and other platforms, andinvite their friends, their fanclubs, their associates, or the public and cultivate a community that will enjoy and encourage the culture created by the owner and their staff.

Answered By: Brett Inabox

Answer #5:

With Discord you can chat with friends,

create groups, make servers(role based)

You can also create Discord bots.

That was just a little of what you can do with Discord. Highly recommend 😊

Answered By: Jeppe Long

Answer #6:

How you use discord is you download an app called discord. All your friends have to have it. You make a discord server in that app and you make a code so only your friends can get in.

Answered By: Jenna Burns

Answer #7:

Discord is an American VoIP, (instant messaging) digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers.”

Answered By: Christina Johnston

Answer #8:

Discord is a bit like Slack. It’s a private chat channel/platform.

The app was originally designed for the gaming community, for streamers to keep in touch with fans.

However, the app has generated broader appeal and countless influencers across a variety of verticals now use it to connect with their fans/community directly.

Answered By: Brendan Gahan

Answer #9:

The sole purpose of discord is to bring different ideas & opinions at loggerheads with each other’s so that the most popular & preferred among them may prevail.


Answer #10:

Communicating with friends and get new friends via servers where everyone share an interest, like a hobby or a computer game. Sometimes I use it as sns and internet telephony service.

Answered By: Erik Gustafsson

Answer #11:

This isn’t the most clear question. Are you asking for experiences on how to use it or are you looking for a tutorial?

Answered By: Codey Arch

Answer #12:

When you install Discord, it’ll automatically be configured to use your default audio input/output devices. Usually you won’t want this if you’re using a Rift. So, the first thing you’ll want to do is configure Discord to use your Rift for its audio input/output:

1. Click on the little gear icon near your username in the bottom left area of the Discord window.

2. Click on “Voice” under “User Settings.”

3. Select “Rift Audio” as your input and output devices.

4. If you want to use Push to Talk, select it under “Input Mode” and then select a key binding for PTT. Otherwise keep it set to “Voice Activity” and it’ll just broadcast your voice whenever you’re talking.

5. Hit “Done” when you’re done.

For PSVR Players

You can install Discord on your mobile device or PC, then split the audio to your headphones using either a splitter cable or getting headphones that support simultaneous Bluetooth and headphone jack inputs. Now when you’re ready to talk to someone, you can join a voice channel.

Click on the Valkyrie logo on the left side of the Discord window to bring up the list of text and voice channels. This will bring up a list of voice channels under the heading (duh) “Voice Channels.” There’s “Valkyrie General” and a whole bunch of other channels named after planets. They’re all basically the same. There are also voice channels called “NA Players Looking to Squad” and “EU Players Looking to Squad,” the purpose of which should be self-evident.

You’ll be able to see if anyone is in those voice channels already because their names will be listed underneath the name of the channel. Don’t feel shy to join voice channels that have people in them. People are in Discord to meet new players, so you are perfectly welcome in any of these channels. Just click on the name of the channel to join it. Introduce yourself and ask for a squad invite if you want.

If you don’t see anyone in a voice channel, you can jump in by yourself. Chances are, someone will come along soon enough and join your channel, introduce themselves and ask you for a squad invite.

Answered By: Richard

Answer #13:

Discord is a VoIP application designed especially for gamers.

You can interact and get connected to the people of similar interest on Discord server.

Millions of people are using Discord, you can use the web version or download the app from

You can use it for streaming and can create your own server and channel.

Answered By: Shahbaz Ahmad

Answer #14:

I see most of the people already explained it perfectly but it is not only for gaming these days.

people create servers/chat rooms/communities for all sorts of things where they hang out and talk to people. You could say it is a very much better version of skype.

Answered By: Mori Yamamoto