Does Discord show who deleted a message?

Answer #1:

So I have some bots in my server and i think 1 of them are deleting my members messages instantly, and i want to see which bot is doing it

Answered By: Noobachu

Answer #2:

if its in a server and you have acsess to an audit log then yes you can see who deleted a message but you wont be able to see what the message said, if its a groupchat then no, youd just have to see the notification to see who said something and then look to see if its still there or not

Answered By: Isabelle Exford

Answer #3:

Many users consider Discord to be their second home. All-day, users talk, make friends, and share memes.

Does discord show who deleted a message? In brief, you might see deleted messages if you followed the necessary measures.

Discord doesn’t have a built-in feature to let you see deleted messages from a server.

Discord has stated in a tweet that:

“Deleted DMs are instantly wiped out from our servers…”

On a server, there is no default option for seeing deleted messages.

However, various third-party applications and plugins that preserve all conversations are free to use.

But it won’t be necessary as there is a built-in audit log, which helps admins gain a clearer insight into messages sent in a text channel.

However, this won’t be necessary because there is a built-in audit log that allows the admins to acquire a clearer insight into messages transmitted via text channel.

This option is relatively limited, in that you will not be able to read the message’s contents, just when it was deleted, on which channel, and by whom.

The audit log also shows other relevant information, such as the actions of your moderators/admins. The log will show you who has been kicked, added, banned, and so on.

To view the audit log, click on the server’s settings. Click on the server name at the top left of your Discord screen and choose server settings, or right-click your server’s icon, which is also on the left side of your screen

Once you’ve visited the settings, look for the “Audit log” option and click on it. You should now see a list of the most recently deleted and edited messages.

If you require additional information about the deleted messages, the audit log will be insufficient, and you’ll need to find another solution.

Fortunately, like with many other elements of Discord, someone has written a bot that solves the problem. These bots keep track of all messages and their associated actions.

Answered By: Magnus Harley