Does Discord detect mobile games?

Answer #1: By linking your Discord account with your Samsung account, you can enable Mobile Game Detection and automatically have your status set to the game you’re playing on mobile for the first time ever! This was a feature that was previously only available for PC and Xbox users on Discord. Answered By: Laurentiu Crisan […]

How many servers does Discord have in 2022?

Answer #1: Answer : Nobody really knows since create and delete a Discord server too easy makes counting servers is pointless. But with little research, you can found the average numbers : 6.7 million. Answered By: Thành Phạm Công […]

Can Discord owners see deleted messages?

Answer #1: The answer can be a yes or a no. There are two types of logs on Discord: Audit Logs. These are the default types of logs on Discord Bot Logs. These are special types of logs you can set up using bots such as MEE6, Dyno, Carl Bot, and many other bots. So […]

What does pinging do in Discord?

Answer #1: It pings the user. They will get a notification if they enabled it and basically be notified. A red number will appear on their screen on the server or user logo. Answered By: Asux Answer #2: They get the attention of the person with a red 1 on their server icon, most usually […]

How can I turn off auto emojis on Discord?

Answer #1: 1. In the Discord app, click the gear icon next to your name in the lower left corner 2. Under App Settings on the left, click Text & Images 3. On the right, under Text & Images , Click the switch next to Automatically convert emoticons in your messages to emoji to disable […]

How to change the color of your name on Discord mobile?

Answer #1: Follow the steps below ,which might be of help to you; In the Discord mobile app, tap the Hamburger menu icon Tap your Server’s Name at the top left and select Settings in the menu that appears. Scroll down and tap Roles under User Management. Tap the + symbol in the bottom right […]

How can you tell how long a discord call is?

Answer #1: You Can’t. Discord calls are not recorded. Discord uses end-to-end encryption and while a nation state could theoretically record them, why would they? Millions of people spend millions of hours per year chatting on Discord. Even if someone wanted to record those calls, the storage overhead would be huge. Answered By: Skip Shekhani […]

How to make fancy text in Discord?

Answer #1: To make a text italic in discord use * before and after your text like this: If u want to make your text highlighted use ` before and after your text like this and it will appear as shown If u want to hide or use it as a spoiler use || this […]