Should I use a phone number or email for Discord?

Answer #1:

You should use neither, since Discord’s vague Privacy Policy allows them to legally sell either one to advertisers:

The information we collect

We collect certain information when you use Discord. This includes information you provide to us, information we collect automatically, and information we receive from other sources.


How we share your information

  • With our vendors. We may share information with vendors we hire to carry out specific work for us.
  • With our related companies. We may share information with our related companies, including parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, and other companies under common control and ownership.


Answered By: Holy Geek

Answer #2:

You can use one or both, doesn’t really matter. They may send a verification though but it’ll be a digit code you’ll need to enter. Just make sure not to share it with anyone else

Answered By: Natalie Khun

Answer #3:

You may utilize your phone number and email address for account recovery and security, as well as the verification procedure. It is preferable to utilize both for your Discord account.

Answered By: Jessica Adler

Answer #4:

I’d recommend it, definitely. If you somehow get locked out of your account then a phone number would come in handy for confirmation that it’s you trying to gain access to your account and not somebody else snooping. You should add an email anyway for again, better access to your account.

Answered By: Hotleash

Answer #5:

you can use both but if you couldn’t do both for some reason my personal opinion is email

Answered By: Isabelle Exford