Are Discord servers automatically public?

Answer #1: No. It must meet the following requirements, given that you have enabled Discovery on your server: It must have 7,000 members or more. According to Discord, this number is set to decrease soon. It must meet certain activity requirements. Moderators must have 2FA(Two Factor Auth) enabled on their account. This can only be […]

What is the max server level in Discord?

Answer #1: The maximum level a Discord Server can reach is currently level 3. There are no more levels after that. Level 3 requires at least 14 boosts to activate. Answered By: Will […]

Does Discord show YouTube music?

Answer #1: Yes, Discord does show YouTube music. You can either search for a specific song or artist, or browse through the various genres and playlists that are available. You can also create your own playlists and share them with your friends. Answered By: Ustagi […]

Can you view declined friend requests on Discord?

Answer #1: No; when a friend request is declined, it merely resets to appear as though no request had ever been sent. Answered By: Opie Teller Answer #2: unfortunately not, but it should be pretty easy to tell if they accepted or declined because if they accepted they will be in your friends list, and […]

How do I add mods and bots to Discord?

Answer #1: Adding bots: Visit This is a search engine and bot promotion site where you’ll find a variety of bots meant for different purposes. Click on the bot you want to view. If it suits your needs, press on the button named “Invite”. You will be redirected to a page that asks you […]

Does Discord show what I am playing when offline?

Answer #1: No, Discord won’t show anything you’re doing or playing while you’re offline 🙂 This includes going on invisible mode, as it will hide all activity from others on Discord. I recommend it for times when you’d rather not be disturbed. All my best, Jaz Answered By: Jazmyn Answer #2: No, it shows only […]

How do I ignore someone on Discord?

Answer #1: To ignore someone on Discord, first go to your DMs. Right click on the person. A black box should pop up, giving you the options to: Mark As Read, Profile, Call, Add Note, Close DM, Invite to Server >, Add Friend, Block, or MUTE the person. Click on Mute. Then you can choose […]

What is a good way to make online friends besides large discord servers?

Answer #1: I don’t know why someone would request that kind of answer from me LMFAO I clearly love and promote Discord over here. However, I also recognize there’s other ways to go if you’re looking for online friends from other than just Discord. Let’s see. Go on Facebook, maybe join a private community or […]

What does it look like when you’ve been blocked on Discord?

Answer #1: I think there’ll be an error message if you try to text the person who blocked you. You can still most probably see their activity status and profile like someone who blocked you can see yours too. Not sure though, because I haven’t ever been blocked on the app. You’ll be able to […]

What is the highest role in Discord?

Answer #1: Technically, by default there are no roles – it’s only the server founder/creator. However, the person who made the server can make roles and put whatever he wants as the highest. Answered By: Kallus Rourke Answer #2: Nominally server owner though they can give that up. Generally, the highest role is whatever you […]