How do you go live on a mobile discord?

Answer #1: You cannot simply go live on a discord whether you are on PC or a mobile. You 1st have to join a server or make a server after joining or making a server you can run a game come back to the discord server and click on the game it will showing in […]

How do I disable Discord’s auto start?

I have disabled it from settings and there is no discord in Task Manager Start up apps. Answer #1: Just follow the following steps: Press the cogwheel icon close to your username to open ‘user settings’ In the user settings, scroll down, there is an option ‘windows setting’, open that Deselect the option ‘open discord’ […]

How do you cancel a friend request on Discord?

Answer #1: To cancel a Discord friend request on desktop: Click Home > Friends Click Pending Click X next to the request to cancel To cancel a friend request from Discord mobile: Tap ≡ > Friends Under Pending Requests, tap X next to the request to cancel The pending friend request is now cleared from […]

What is an outgoing friend request on Discord?

Answer #1: An outgoing friend request on Discord is a friend request you sent to another Discord user. As opposed to incoming ones you yourself accept to form the mutual friendship, outgoing requests are accepted or declined by the other user. Outgoing friend requests can be found by navigating to Friends > Pending. Answered By: […]

How do I change the font size on Discord?

Answer #1: Go to settings, appearance then drag the slider to what font you want. Answered By: Andrew Stanley Answer #2: One easy way is, to hold the “ctrl” key while zooming in. This will zoom in more on the screen, making it easier to read. Answered By: Nick Contreras […]

Why is Discord using GPU?

Answer #1: Not sure about the details but as far as I know, Discord uses GPU for faster and smoother performance. Pro tip: disable this in case you use your device to play games because there’s been many reports about the frame of the game dropping when it’s enabled. Answered By: Hotleash Answer #2: I’m […]

What does a pending request mean on Discord?

Answer #1: You’ll see a red notification on your Friends tab if you’ve received a Friend Request! Click on the icon to be redirected to the Friends tab and view your pending requests. That means you have pending friend requests. Accept or ignore them to clear the notification! Answered By: Jessica Adler Answer #2: There […]

How do I recover my Discord account without an email and phone number?

Answer #1: Short and simple answer: You can’t. It’s near impossible. Especially since (assuming you are using gmail) Google removed ALL support, making it near impossible to recover your lost email. Calling their phone number doesn’t help and may cost money. Answered By: Zahkrosis […]

What is AutoMod in Discord?

Answer #1: AutoMod is a feature in Discord that allows users to automatically add certain users to channels and servers. It works by monitoring a user’s activity in the server and channel they are added to, and will automatically add them when they are active. This is a great way to make sure that all […]

What happens when you delete your Discord account?

Answer #1: When a Discord account is deleted, it is removed from Discord’s database. Keep in mind that all messages, information, and images remain after an account deletion. Accounts that have been self-deleted will appear similar to ‘Deleted User 993ffw91′ while accounts that were completely deleted or banned by discord will appear as ‘Deleted User#0000.’ […]