What is a good way to make online friends besides large discord servers?

Answer #1:

I don’t know why someone would request that kind of answer from me LMFAO I clearly love and promote Discord over here. However, I also recognize there’s other ways to go if you’re looking for online friends from other than just Discord. Let’s see.

  • Go on Facebook, maybe join a private community or just a simple page that posts about the topic(s) you like. Most pages that are committed to a topic and have been active for a while will have a group chat and they’ll be more than happy to let you in it.
  • Go to random online chatrooms where you can text people anonymously or otherwise and take it from there. If you click, you click. If not, then you have millions of more tries left.
  • Same as Facebook, I think I’ve seen Tumblr has a variety of group chats and a lot of them are public, so you could totally hop on there and try to befriend people.
  • Just randomly hit people up in your socials.

Doesn’t Quora itself have a making friends space or something like that? You should definitely look it up. Good luck on your way!

Answered By: Hotleash

Answer #2:

Join group of people you share the same hobbies with.

Answered By: Maurice Poole