What is the Discord app used for?

Answer #1:

My RuneQuest role-playing group (the youngest of whom is in mid-50s) uses it for chat purposes to have communications related to the ongoing game. Whether it’s “inappropriate” depends on your view of arguments about rules, die rolling, discussions of how to allocate treasure, which weapon or armor is best, scheduling the next game, etc.

Answered By: Andrew Weill

Answer #2:

Discord is a chat app. Users join chat rooms and talk to other users about whatever they want. They can also send and receive private messages.

The app itself is not “inappropriate.” It’s just a platform for people to talk to each other. But people often choose to talk to each other about “inappropriate” subjects. And since the vast majority of Discord chat rooms are not intended for children and do not have constant monitoring and moderation, you should assume that your son will encounter conversations you’d rather he not encounter.

Answered By: Claire J. Vannette

Answer #3:

It’s a chat utility used primarily by gamers. My 10 year old son uses it to chat with his best friend when they’re playing, and occasionally with me when I’m working.

I’m considering using it as a church webcast steaming production platform because of its powerful communications groupings, designed for MMORPG’s.

Answered By: David Johnson

Answer #4:

you have probably already read what this app is on other answers, so I won’t explain that again 🙂

but it’s nothing inappropriate, I use it to as something to communicate with for example my class or just with some friends. Sometimes I use it instead of Whatsapp but not for any specific reason. (I’m 14 by the way (And not english so I am sorry if I made some mistakes))

Answered By: Mirte Wassink

Answer #5:

Discord is an app that you can use to chat to your friends and enter voice calls with them. You have to be 13 and older according to Discord Terms of Service, so he shouldn’t even be using it.

Answered By: Nightflame

Answer #6:

It’s a sort of chatroom platform that lets you talk to people, via text or voice.

There have been instances of people acting inappropriately on Discord, hence why you have to be at least 13 years of age to have an account. Whether or not someone encounters these potential hazards is dependent on how good the individual is about taking control of their own Internet experience (blocking users that act inappropriately, selecting servers that are well-moderated to avoid inappropriate content, stuff like that).

Answered By: Cameron Morse

Answer #7:

Discord is used for community building, chatting, video calling etc. It brings gamers together as well as millions of people.

Answered By: Will

Answer #8:

When you have kids and want to know what is appropriate for them, you can view the sites yourself and read comments.


Answered By: Madeleine

Answer #9:

It’s a messaging + chat app that people use to talk to each other. This can include personal + group chats between close friends, and it can also include bigger community chats for, idk, fans of a show to all talk about the show, or something.

I think gamers might also use it to chat while sharing live streams of the video games they’re playing? But idk I don’t game much.

Whether it’s appropriate depends more on who he’s talking to than on the app itself.

Answered By: David Bahry

Answer #10:

First of all screw you for snooping through your sons phone, give the kid some privacy!

Secondly calm down. Discord is essentially Skype for the younger generation. It lets you chat with your friends and join group voice calls so you can talk with your friends, usually so you can play video games online and talk at the same time.

Next time don’t be so paranoid and assume the worst.

Answered By: Stephen Tester

Answer #11:

Discord is basically an app used for chatting with people and playing games together. Most people just use it to chat with their friends and have fun, and it’s really not that bad or inappropriate.

Most people don’t talk to pedophiles or do inappropriate or illegal things, they simply just want to have fun and play games with others which is probably what your son is doing with it already.

Hope this helps! :]


Answered By: Kana Rose

Answer #12:

It’s for communication. It’s no different than Skype or Facebook Messenger. The only way Discord becomes inappropriate is when the people on the server make it so.

Each discord group is called a “server”. These servers have rules, set by the server owner. Each server is private, you can only get in if the owner or someone the owner assigns permission sends you an invitation.

Thus, the only way for your son to get into anything inappropriate on Discord is if he was invited to or created a server where said inappropriateness was pursued actively.

Answered By: Shady

Answer #13:

To make friends,to chat to team members, to have a place for a community to talk or even make a community,I personally have 185 members in a discord I created from scatch

Answered By: Brenden Goodwin

Answer #14:

Discord is a social platform intended for gamers. It contains Private Message Voice/Video calls but also the option for managed community servers.

Free to create and configure.

Answered By: Azoraqua

Answer #16:

No its not it my son uses it. It is used for chatting and talking to friends its like a new improved of wats app or slack which is used by most

Answered By: Rupa Anderson

Answer #17:

It is a chat app that allows you to speak with people from all around the world. If the app is inappropriate or not depends on who he´s talking to. I use it all the time with no problems.

Answered By: Ben Carpenter

Answer #18:

Forget the technical explanations from most of the posters…. You need something you can relate to.

Discord is essentially phone conference calling where you can fax each other pictures and other computer stuff: instead of using a phone line, it uses the internet.

Whether Discord is benign, appropriate, or inappropriate is entirely related to who is in the Discord chat. It can be wonderful or damaging in the same way that a conference call can, depending on who is participating.

Discord is no more and no less dangerous than a phone.

Answered By: Karl Rainer

Answer #19:

Discord is formally known as a gaming communication app. It is used widely across the gaming community. Depending on the servers, it can be inappropriate. Monitor what servers he join in that case.

Answered By: S. Morrow

Answer #20:

Yes it can be inappropriate, but only sometimes.
you see, you join servers where you talk with the people there. It depends on the people. Some servers are toxic, but you should trust your son to be able to judge what is right and what isn’t.

Tell your son not to tell people his age, where he lives, or name. He probably knows but just in case.

Answered By: Aurae Kristie

Answer #21:

First of all, you shouldn’t be loking at your son’s phone. That’s breaking his trust, and disrespecting him. Second, I’m gonna be so kind as to inform you truthfully what discord is. It’s a social media primarily made for gamers. There are private messages, and servers and stuff, it’s a lot like other social media.

Answered By: Evan Bernholm

Answer #22:

Discord is used for talking. Joining or making a server can help you find people to talk to.

Answer #23:

Discord is an application commonly used by gamers to communicate with one another using a private server. You can interact with both text and voice chat. For those of you who are curious about the Discord application and want to know its advantages, check the following reviews.


Answered By: Bregas

Answer #24:

Discord is a popular group chatting app. It was originally developed for gamers to communicate and build communities.

But now it serves as a platform to various communities from all over the world from music to writers. During the coronavirus pandemic discord was able to amplify its popularity as more and more people played games, listened to new genres of music, and socialized online.

Answered By: Liasionit Inc

Answer #25:

Discord is a free voice, video and text chat application that is used by tens of millions of people to communicate with friends and others. People use Discord on a daily basis to talk about different things.

You can use Discord to stream videos, play board games with friends remotely, share music, and just chat. The platform is free.

Therefore, it is a good online service where you can do many different things.

I hope my answer is useful.

Answered By: Ivan Wallarm