Does Discord show what I am playing when offline?

Answer #1:

No, Discord won’t show anything you’re doing or playing while you’re offline 🙂

This includes going on invisible mode, as it will hide all activity from others on Discord. I recommend it for times when you’d rather not be disturbed.

All my best, Jaz

Answered By: Jazmyn

Answer #2:

No, it shows only if your status is online

As you go offline the status gets offline as well


Answer #3:

With all your questions spamming my notifications, one should think your kid is using your account.

No. It doesn’t show what you play.
You can even disable that feature for when you’re online.

Answered By: Zahkrosis

Answer #4:

When offline, Discord will not display what games or music you are playing.

The same applies if you set your status to ‘Invisible.’

Answered By: Holy Geek