Is Discord bad for teenagers?

Answer #1:

depends on who you talk to. As long as you feel safe and don’t chat with anyone who feels weird or something anyways, she’ll be right(this is kiwi slang for it will be alright so deal with it)

Answered By: Zac

Answer #2:

It’s neither good, nor bad. As a frequent Discord user myself, I can say that there are lots of toxic communities on there. However, it can very very much be used for good, as well as with any other social media platform. Don’t automatically assume “Ooh, no. Social media bad bad.” It can very much be used for spreading good and kindness. It matters in whatever way you choose to act upon it.

Answered By: AquaStrategist

Answer #3:

the people are mean

Answered By: Rediet Alemayehu

Answer #4:

I wouldn’t say that it’s bad for teens, but since it’s an app for direct messages and group chats, it’s common to find very opinionated and toxic people. So if you get in a fight with someone like that it leaves a mark on your mental health because it makes you question if you did something wrong. I first got Discord when I was 8 (2017) and it personally wasn’t that bad. It really depends on if the teen knows how to be safe on it.

Answered By: TheFätDøgWarriør

Answer #5:

Just be very careful some servers can be sus but I use it to message my brother and his friends and I sometime talk on servers

Answered By: Broidk

Answer #6:

my answer is no, it isn’t….

Answered By: The Willow Tree